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Help us raise £100,000 a year to fund living expenses for tens of young people to come to London and learn from some of the world's most inventive companies. You'll be changing a lot of lives in the process.

Thames Path 50km Challenge

September 9, 2017

Neil Stevens was an amazing friend and boss who unfortunately lost his battle with cancer.  He was a brilliant coach and mentor and had a real passion for technology and the positive impact it could have in changing lives.

We wanted to remember Neil and thought the best way to do this would be by helping others do amazing things with technology.  After a successful summer intern programme this year, we're looking to raise money for our 2018 programme. A group of us have got together with the aim of providing internships, and mentoring for young northern teenagers from challenging backgrounds to develop and enhance their careers in technology. We need to raise £1,500 per intern per year to fund the experience that will hopefully change their lives. 

In order to do this, we need to raise cash to fund the Neil Stevens Fellowship and 5 of us are going to tackle the Thames Path 50KM challenge. It's slightly closer to home than last years challenge and we'd love anyone to come and join us or help raise money.  
Please sponsor us!

AJ Bell London Triathlon

August 7, 2016

We’re delighted that Lynn White, Neil’s coach and friend, will compete in the London triathlon in support of the Fellowship. And we’d like to share the note that Lynn sent to her network to explain why she is raising money on our behalf. Lynn’s raising money through the Fellowship fundraising page so make a donation and wish her well!
Thank you Lynn - and, yes, the thought that anyone would swim 1500m in the murky Thames in his memory, never mind the bike and run after, would definitely make Neil smile. And he’d be sure to tell everyone he knew too so we’ll do that on his behalf! Chris, Craig, Gary, Ije. JV, Laura, Michelle & Rebecca



In Lynn's own words...

"I’m doing my fourth Olympian Triathlon on 7th August 2016 and I’m doing this one for Neil.  He went through so much in his life so I think a 1500m Thames swim, a 40km bike ride and a 10km run is the least I can do in his memory - that would make him smile!  Below is a link to the Fellowship fundraising page so if you would like to make a donation, it would be hugely appreciated. 


My goal is to ‘just get round’ and imagine Neil cheering me as I cross the finish line.  Thank you in advance for any support you can offer and should you wish to join me at the Excel Centre on Sunday 7th August to cheer me on then I would love to see you and I will supply the champagne once I cross the finish line!


Warm wishes and huge thanks from me."




Lake District 6 Peaks Challenge
September 10, 2016

For our inaugural team fundraiser, the Fellowship team will challenge ourselves, and any of you who would like to join us, to summit 6 Lake District peaks in 1 day.

Why this challenge?

Well, Neil loved hill walking and the Lake District was one of his favourite destinations, so it seemed a fitting first group fundraiser. And, in true Neil style, we’ve decided to go for a real test – why climb one peak when you can go for six? 



Challenge Stats

Length: 22.8km

 Ascent: 1758m

 Time: 8 – 10 hours

How you can get involved



Fancy dusting off those hiking boots for an energetic and fun weekend in the Lake District? Maybe bring your camera and take some spectacular photos too? We will have a guide to ensure we don’t get lost (and who is skilled at getting us “corporate types” up peaks and back down again). We’re also a fun group (really!) and can promise you a good night out on the Saturday evening….. If you are interested in participating, drop us a line at by July 31. 



Donations can be made on the Fellowship fundraising page:


No amount too small and we promise to provide photographic evidence that we reached all 6 peaks! 




Thank you! 


Chris, Craig, Gary, Ije, JV, Laura, Michelle & Rebecca

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